MUSIC: Brillobox presents New Shouts Retro Dance Party feat. DJ Gordy

Cor Allen of the New Shouts
The Brillobox is a great place to go for concerts, awesome (and very dance-able) music, affordable drinks and of course a plethora of very unique and very stylish looks.  A beginning to a very fun Fall season- so far- was the New Shouts Retro Dance Party at the Brillobox this past Friday (Oct. 14). DJ Gordy spinned an awesome mix of disco songs straight from the disco era with an edgy twist and a trippy backdrop screen playing a kaleidoscope of colors, Warhol screen tests and 70's dance videos.  A very groovy night!

The crowd at Brillobox
The DJ spinned an energetic mix of retro songs!
Sweatband John busts a move
Hounds-tooth dress
My amazing friend miss Adrienne Rozzi!

New Shouts Derek White passing out Blowpops before the show
New Shouts have an awesome Californian surf-vibe to their music (Listen)
New Shouts Jonathan Chamberlain
Polka-dot Dress
My lovely roomate <3
Boho 70's Look
Charming in a varsity jacket.
Silk blouse and red skirt - perfect retro look!
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Havin a blast!
Aqua ruffle shirt 
Newsboy Look
Check out the Brillobox!

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