NYE Guide: Parties in Pittsburgh (and How Dressed Up You Should Get for Them)

Can you believe how fast this year went?  I feel like I can remember last New Year's Eve like it was yesterday! This year, I want to celebrate and have a good time with tons of people, great music and a fabulous outfit. Finding the right party can be tough, you could end up spending a cover charge and getting all dressed up, only to get into the party and realize that "it's not your scene," or that you're completely over/under dressed.  No worries!  This NYE guide will help you find the perfect party for you and your friends along with details on just how dressed up or undressed up you should be on a scale of 1 -5   2014 is going to be a great year I just know it.

So without further ado, here are (X) awesome parties happening in Pittsburgh, each as individual as you are. Happy New Year!!!!

Dressed Up Levels: 
1 - Comfy and Cozy - Dress for warmth and comfort - no need for frills here
2 - Casual Cool - No need to go all out, jeans, sweater and sensible shoes is all you need.
3 - Fun/Festive - Feel free to dress cute, but it's not required
4 - Cocktail Attire - Dressing up is a good idea (everyone will be doing it)
5 - Formal - Dressing up is a must (possibly a requirement for entry)

Point Breeze: Free Ride New Year's Soiree

Dressed Up Level: 2  

Ah the Free Ride party, you may remember my post about this from 2 years ago.  Good times!!  Maybe one too many PBR's and shots for yours truly, but still a great party and great food! The cool thing about this party is that it's in a bike warehouse and the proceeds go to a neat cause (this year it's education Serbian gypsy kindergartners).   This is a party for those who just want to listen to some great international style music, dance, eat, drink, and not have to pay an arm and a leg for it (hello open bar!).

Southside: Midnight Guru New Years Eve 2014 Party

Dressed Up Level: 3

The Southside is Pittsburgh's hotspot when it comes to holidays like New Year's Eve.  There's so much going on, so many places to be and being there usually creates some pretty good memories no matter what you decide to do.  This may be the best door price on Carson St and Jimmy D's is right in the middle of all the action. Sounds like a super fun time! 

Shadyside: New Years Fiesta at Steel Cactus

Dressed Up Level: 3

No cover, party favors, champagne, great food, awesome music, shall I say more?  This sounds like a great party to go to if you're in the Shadyside area.  You can literally shop for your outfit right there on Walnut then head up to the party and party hop for the rest of the evening. Ole! 

Lawrenceville: Masquerade NYE 2014 Presented by Cantina and Urbanist

Dressed Up Level: 4 

I love a good masquerade and I love that this party has nothing to do with Halloween.  I think we will be seeing more masquerades in the years to come - it's becoming a thing.  Pittsburgh is lucky to have won the heart of the Urbanist over, which is a new online city guide that covers everything from fashion to food.  So far San Diego, Boston and DC are the only other cities that the Urbanist has taken under its wing. For New Year's Eve, Cantina and Urbanist are hosting a masquerade that could easily become the party to be talked about years and years afterwards. 

Strip District: Gatsby New Years Eve at Cavo 

Dressed Up Level: 5

2013 was the year of the Gatsby! Why not send off 2013 the way Gatsby himself would have done it - with a huge party full of beautiful people in a stunning setting. Feel free to bust out the headbands, fringy dresses and suspenders ol' sport, this sounds like an amazing time! More info HERE

Strip District: The Best Man Holiday New Years Eve Celebration at Savoy

Dressed Up Level: 5 

Celebrate celebrity style with a five course meal, fine drinks, and a fine host.  Morris Chestnut hosts Savoy's New Years Celebration that is guaranteed to be the classiest party of the year! P.S. I got dibs on Mr. Chesnut at midnight - back off!  :) 

Station Square: 2014 New Years Eve at WHIM 

Dressed Up Level: 4 

New Year's at a nightclub is ideal.  Everyone is having a great time, the music is booming and drinks are flowing!  WHIM in Station Square is hosting their New Years Party, click HERE to get tickets. 

Remember:  We're all adults so be responsible,  if you've had too many drinks and can't drive home call a cab.  (412)321-8100  (Yellow Cab), Click here to arrange rides prior to going out. 

Happy New Year Pittsburgh!

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Current Obsessions

 It's been a busy couple of weeks.  Went to see a couple friends in Boston, had a meeting with some upcoming designers for a shoot, found a new place for a quick breakfast, and tried to stay as warm and dry as possible in this nasty snowy slush! Hope you're staying warm as well. Have a great weekend!

Crystal Holly Necklace by Baublebar $38

Last week, my roommate went to her company holiday party and wore this FABULOUS necklace to compliment her black dress.  It was so festive and pretty without being "Christmas-y."  She said she got it from Baublebar, which I come to find is an online wonderland of statement jewelry. Check it out HERE.


Prohibition Style Drinks
This year the 20's came roaring back with the release of "The Great Gatsby."  Since then, it seems like there have been tons of little Prohibition-styled speakeasies and bars popping up all over Pittsburgh. I've never been much of a mixed drink person, but these old time cocktails are too good to pass up, no wonder this was illegal - you can't stop drinking them!!

The Best Lip Balm in THE WORLD
I know you're thinking "that's not a lip balm" but just wait and see, this little secret weapon has saved my lips from the dry, freezing, windy conditions we've been having lately, better than any lip balm that I have ever used! And the best thing about it IS that it's not necessarily a lip balm so feel free to use it on your hands before you put your gloves on, your elbows, knees and feet, I've even used it to tame static-y Winter hair. It's sells for about $5 just about anywhere you can think of.

La Gourmandine
La Gourmandine is literally blocks away from where I work and it took me forever to go in there.  When I finally did last week, I couldn't believe I had waited so long.  This bakery is a little piece of Paris right on Butler St. It's quite, quaint and the staff there is friendly and very helpful. They have a wide variety of French pastries, quiche, light sandwiches, coffee and tea.  For my first trip there, I wanted to keep it as simple as possible (my mom always said if their basic stuff is amazing then the rest of stuff will be even better) so I had a croissant and a cup of coffee - heaven!  Can't wait to go there again, it's the perfect place to go on a Saturday morning with your girlfriends. Bon Apetite!

Snowflake Colored Makeup
I really love the idea of glowy, icy colors for winter makeup; frosted pinks, silver, icy blues and pale purples.  I think it's so ethereal and very sophisticated, it's perfect to go from the office to holiday party.  


Cowboy Chic: Chanel Brings Back Americana

Wanna play Cowboys and Indians?  The folks at Chanel do! For their annual Metiers d' Art show, Chanel invited over 900 guests to enjoy a rodeo styled fashion show complete with BBQ, corn dogs, a mechanical bull and a drive-in at Fair Park in Dallas.  Texas and all it's pride was the obsession of this show.  And while you're thinking Stetsons and spurs, this was more of a nod to Native Americans and life on the prairie in the heat of the Civil War.  For the 2014 fall preview, feathers, beadwork,  leather fringe, eyelet, Navajo printed ponchos and chunky turquoise jewelry pranced down the runway, bringing back the spirit of Texas.    


So what does that mean for us non-Texan, everyday fashionistas?  Is it now cool to wear light denim, ponchos and eyelet ruffles again? It's amazing how high fashion trickles down into everyday life and the public's interpretation of it. Will next year be a year of feathers in our hair and fringy leather vests?  How do you feel about this look by Chanel? 


Gift Guide: For All Your Guys

Admit it, guys are hard to shop for. It's hard to tell where the fine line between useful and meaningful and downright "girly" is. But here are a couple ideas on what to get the guys in your life whether it's something special for dad or something exciting for your bf.  Here are 7 gift ideas for all the guys in your life....suggestions are much appreciated!

1: Does your dude love the outdoors?  This lantern will keep the camping party lit for hours.
Black Diamond Orbit Lantern $29.95

2: For the die-hard music fan.  Some things just sound better on vinyl.
Crosley Tech Turntable $61.37

3: This is perfect for the guy who works in a setting where his phone might get wet or dropped.  Preserve your communication with him with this phone case.
LifeProof Case $39.99

4: Make him feel like a true badass with this Americana style flask.
WhimseyandDink Flask $19.95

5: If he's a sports fan, chances are he already has a jersey.  If so, get him a vintage tee-shirt of his favorite team. It's a great conversation starter and they look awesome!
 Vintage T $37.95:

6: For the true Mr. Fix-It, this pocket knife has all the essential gadgets and is compact enough to carry anywhere.
Wegner Evowood 14 pocket knife $56

7: Need something casual that says enough but not too much?  Get him a growler of some local beer or cider.  Arsenal Cider Market Price


Gift Guide: For All Your Girls

We're in prime shopping season now. While most women are pretty easy to shop for (at least I think so), it can be hard to get them something they haven't already gotten themselves.  I've put together a couple things that would be great gifts for all the fabulous ladies in your life - your mom, sister, aunt, or best friend.  These are all great items for any type of lady from the fashion obsessed to the kitchen queens - here are 7 great gifts for all your girls.....

1: A cult favorite - this is for the makeup obsessed girl who knows her stuff.  This palate features warm rose gold shades, perfect for any skin tone. Naked 3 Palate $52

2: For the DIY kind of chick, this is a simple DIY project that you can make by using a quote from their favorite public figure, song or maybe even a thing you say to each other.  Click HERE to find out how to make it.

3: Give this to a very special fashionista! Alexa Chung's book "It" is a collection of her drawing, writings, photographs, personal styling tips and thoughts on love, life and music.
"It" by Alexa Chung $19.32

4: Keep them warm and looking fab with cute winter accessories like these gloves.
Gloves by Mango $30

5: Know someone who loves to cook?  Get them an adorable addition to their kitchen
Muffin Dish $34.99

6: This infuser mug is perfect for anyone who loves tea especially loose leaf tea.
Blue Peony Tea Infuser Mug $19.95 

7: Great as a hostess gift, St. Germain is a delicious elderberry liquor perfect for enhancing white wine or champagne.  This can be found at most liquor stores. Find out more HERE


Monday Spotlight | Rapper Jordan York On "Chetism" and his Up and Coming Career

Jordan York, formerly known as "Young Roach" has certainly grown as an artist and as person this year.  With the release of his single Whirpools, a successful performance in NYC, and a religion he created based on good vibes and positive energy, I guess one could say that this was a revolutionary year for the young hip-hop artist. Let's take a look at what he has to say...... 

1: What have you been up to lately? Any new releases? Shows? Projects?

JY: Recently I have really been finding myself as an artist. My New Single WhirlPools was released on iTunes this fall. It was produced by Stefan Schecter, who has produced songs for Mac Miller and More. It was also named the Top 50 Indie Song. As far as shows this year, I performed in New York twice and recently spoke and performed at Valley Middle School. As far as new music, I'm just getting ready for 2014. An EP is definitely in progress.

2: Explain what Chetism is.

JY: Chetism is my religion that I created...For people who are asking yes I still believe in Jesus and God this is more of a Lifestyle of Care Free Living and being able to be happy and live in the moment. Are you bout that Chet Life?

3: Why do you think it's important to take on this mindset? What kind of effect has it had on you?

JY: It's who I am I was never one to care about what anyone thought about me obviously just starting your own religion is kind of a big deal and can upset a lot of people but honest it's just me being me. Love it or Hate it.

4: What inspires you the most when you write your music? What helps generate your lyrics?

JY: It all depends on my mood and what I'm feeling, if it's a serious song with a meaning behind it...it takes me longer... rather than a freestyle or just another song I'd throw on a mixtape. I don't make music for anyone but myself but I hope that my fans and people who listen to me can relate to what I'm rapping about.

5: If you were to collaborate with anyone in the industry who would it be and why?

JY: Hmm I would say Kanye West just because I believe he is a true artist...His music and the way he expresses himself is awesome to me...I kind of have the same mentality...Not caring and just putting it all out there.

Follow Jordan 

Check Out His Music HERE


Gift Guide: Pretty Presents Without the Hassle

Ah the holidays!  Tis the season to be jolly - right? Not so much - at least not the last minute shopping part.  Are you finding yourself going through a mental list of what to get who and when you're going to find the time to get it? I know I am.  Have you found that you're sort of bored with the presents you given out in the past couple of years - the latest Jodi Picoult novel for mom, Yankee candles for your sister and Essie nail polish for your girlfriends?

This year, try to go with something new, something unique and something that will make you feel good; give back by purchasing your gifts from local businesses around the area.  

Thankfully our friends at Pretty Living PR have created the Bible of local shopping guides for all gifts pretty and sweet.  "Pretty Presents" is a local shopping catalog with tons of gorgeous, unique and locally made things that you can order.  The best thing about it?  It helps support small businesses around the area and gives the customer special rates not found anywhere else. 

Now you can do your shopping from home and have them delivered right to your door.  How sweet is that?  

Be sure to check out Pretty Living PR by clicking here
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