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 It's been a busy couple of weeks.  Went to see a couple friends in Boston, had a meeting with some upcoming designers for a shoot, found a new place for a quick breakfast, and tried to stay as warm and dry as possible in this nasty snowy slush! Hope you're staying warm as well. Have a great weekend!

Crystal Holly Necklace by Baublebar $38

Last week, my roommate went to her company holiday party and wore this FABULOUS necklace to compliment her black dress.  It was so festive and pretty without being "Christmas-y."  She said she got it from Baublebar, which I come to find is an online wonderland of statement jewelry. Check it out HERE.


Prohibition Style Drinks
This year the 20's came roaring back with the release of "The Great Gatsby."  Since then, it seems like there have been tons of little Prohibition-styled speakeasies and bars popping up all over Pittsburgh. I've never been much of a mixed drink person, but these old time cocktails are too good to pass up, no wonder this was illegal - you can't stop drinking them!!

The Best Lip Balm in THE WORLD
I know you're thinking "that's not a lip balm" but just wait and see, this little secret weapon has saved my lips from the dry, freezing, windy conditions we've been having lately, better than any lip balm that I have ever used! And the best thing about it IS that it's not necessarily a lip balm so feel free to use it on your hands before you put your gloves on, your elbows, knees and feet, I've even used it to tame static-y Winter hair. It's sells for about $5 just about anywhere you can think of.

La Gourmandine
La Gourmandine is literally blocks away from where I work and it took me forever to go in there.  When I finally did last week, I couldn't believe I had waited so long.  This bakery is a little piece of Paris right on Butler St. It's quite, quaint and the staff there is friendly and very helpful. They have a wide variety of French pastries, quiche, light sandwiches, coffee and tea.  For my first trip there, I wanted to keep it as simple as possible (my mom always said if their basic stuff is amazing then the rest of stuff will be even better) so I had a croissant and a cup of coffee - heaven!  Can't wait to go there again, it's the perfect place to go on a Saturday morning with your girlfriends. Bon Apetite!

Snowflake Colored Makeup
I really love the idea of glowy, icy colors for winter makeup; frosted pinks, silver, icy blues and pale purples.  I think it's so ethereal and very sophisticated, it's perfect to go from the office to holiday party.  

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