How to Look "Game Day Chic"

Game Day Chic - Steelers

Football season in Pittsburgh is a very serious occasion.  We are loud, passionate and proud fans! All year round, dedicated Pittsburgh-ers are seen proudly wearing their Steelers jerseys, hats, hoodies and t-shirts - a look GQ magazine called "Game Day Casual." It's a simple go-to look that you can't go wrong with because everyone accepts it - so long as you wear black and gold, "you can sit with us."   It took me a long time to jump on the black & gold bandwagon but living in the city, it's almost impossible to not get immersed in it somehow, and need I say, even enjoy it a little bit.  However, I can't help but feel weird anytime I've put on a football jersey - "how do you wear this thing?"  What pants do you wear with it?  Can I still wear heels?  My date wants to watch the game, so can I still look cute?  And the answer is yes!  You can look cute, wear heels, do your makeup and look incredibly chic while supporting your local football team.

I have created a great game day look using one of  Fanatics NFL Jerseys! They have every team jersey available in every size and style you can think of.  So for my Game Day Chic look, I went with a limited edition women's Nike jersey in white of my favorite player, Troy Polamalu (it's the hair).

So here's what to do to look Game Day Chic: 

1 - Color Coordinate your Accessories - this may be the only time such precise color coordinating is acceptable.  So wear your pride in your hats, purses, jewelry, or anything else you plan on accessorizing with.

2- Find a jersey that fits - try to invest in a jersey that actually fits you.  Your boyfriend's jersey looks exactly like it sounds - like you're boyfriend's jersey.  Fanatics has a whole line of women's jerseys tailored to fit the curves of a lady.

3 - Layer - Football season is cold and jersey's aren't very warm, so make sure you wear something under it (in coordinating colors of course) or over it to keep you warm.

4 - Wear slimming pants - please for the love of God, do not wear sneakers and flared jeans with your jersey - just, no. Keep it looking polished with some nice skinny jeans or leggings.  I chose to be daring in some leather leggings - sexy yet sensible.

5 - Make the shoes count - Obviously if it's snowing and there's ice everywhere and you're tailgating and all that, it's not a smart idea to walk around in 6 inch heels, but if you're going to be indoors and you feel you can wear heels, do it!  It amps up the chic factor and is an unexpected twist to the oh-so casual football jersey.

6 - Put on some makeup - Don't be afraid to doll your look up, do your hair, put on some lipstick, line your eyes, do whatever you want to do to look cute.

You've just gone from Game Day Casual to Game Day Chic - eat your heart out GQ!

Visit Fanatics.com to find an NFL jersey perfect for you!

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  1. Totally guilty of the "boyfriend" jersey thing! Look like too much of a yinzer when I'm watching football...thanks for showing me cute is possible!


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