In 2010, GQ Magazine named Pittsburgh the 3rd Worst Dressed City in America, naming Pittsburgh's signature style "Game Day Casual," saying "there is no city on Earth that can equal the utter sloppiness of Pittsburgh!"  When I read things like this about Pittsburgh (especially from non-local publications), I feel like they're always looking at one particular crowd here in the city.   Though I'm sure over time, writing about the  crazed Steeler fans of Pittsburgh has made for some laugh-worthy reading material, it has turned Pittsburgh into a running joke on a national scale.  What does that say for the rest of us Pittsburghers who do take the time to be stylish, creative and eclectic?

What most of the country does not know, is that in the past couple of years, new boutiques, clubs, theaters, salons, chic restaurants, and designer stores have blossomed all over the city.  The DIY movement has also become big in Pittsburgh; there are hundreds of local, independent artists and designers making and selling their hand-crafted goods straight out of their living rooms!  It's a great time to be in Pittsburgh because there is something in the making here.  It's a friendly, affordable, very eclectic city, with a very unique sense of style that doesn't always scream "It's game day." The Pittsburgh Look is a blog that aims to promote, encourage and bring awareness to the cultural aspect of Pittsburgh and all the people, places and things that help create it.  This is The Pittsburgh Look. .

About The Blogger....

My name is Janine Bonilla, thank you for reading my blog, I hope you enjoy it!  I was born in California, lived in Las Vegas for most of my childhood, and moved to Pittsburgh when I was 15.  I studied Advertising and Public Relations at Point Park University and then went straight into my MBA with PPU as well. My blog has helped me meet so many amazing people, see so many cool things, and get involved with this awesome city.

 Contact me if you have any questions or just want to chat for a while - I'd love to hear your input!! XO
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