Style Spotlight | Spand-Ice Revive Tank Top: A Chic Solution to Back Pain Therapy

The simplest tasks can cause agonizing pain for someone who constantly feels the sharp sting of back pain. Applying ice and heat effectively can be messy, uncomfortable and time consuming since you have to sit still.  But it's 2015 and where there's a will, there's a way.  Now you can effectively treat your pain without having to compromise your busy schedule - stylishly!

Local entrepreneur, Helen Behn, founder & inventor of the Spand-Ice Revive Tank, has designed an innovative, wearable solution for on-the-go back pain relief. After realizing that icing her back after any activity reduced inflammation and relived pain, she wanted to wear something that would allow her to apply ice without having to stop everything she was doing. Frustrated by the lack of options there were out there, she began to develop her own garment that worked as a wearable ice and heat therapy.

The Revive Tank is a sleek and surprisingly chic tank top that provides effective icing and heating of the lower and mid back by holding thermal packs in place in dual therapy pockets, it also features an adjustable compression strap, to hold the packs close you for effective distribution.


The front zipper feature makes it easy to put on even if you're injured - and it's a pretty cool detail (hails to the "Surfer Chic" look seen on runways for Spring 2015), making it wearable as a regular tank top.

  I liked layering this under a hoodie and moto-jacket. I feel sporty chic in this ensemble, warmed up the thermal packs, and enjoyed the soothing chicness that is the Revive Tank.


Help this amazing idea takeoff by supporting Spand-Ice in their Kickstarter Campaign.

Visit their website: http://spand-ice.com/revive_tank/


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