Monday Spotlight: MUSIC: Beedie

Lately, it seems as though Pittsburgh has become the new powerhouse for talented hip-hop artists. Pittsburgh rapper Beedie, is a prime representation of this new hip-hop revolution. The 24-year-old rapper, born Brian Green, has gained a following of loyal fans through his music since 2007.  
Originally from New York City, Beedie's lyrical lexicon is reminiscent of classic New York hip-hop.  Before moving to Pittsburgh, Beedie was skilled in piano, guitar and bass and used these sounds to influence his music.
Beedie officially debuted as a rapper alongside Mac Miller in the duo The Ill Spoken. After The Ill Spoken, Beedie continued to release music as part of the East End Empire, a conglomerate of Pittsburgh rappers, before forming the duo Varsity Squad with rapper Jon Quest. Since debuting, Beedie has released several projects, including the critically acclaimed “The Beat Bully" LP.

In 2012 Beedie released "Above The Weather", a free EP featuring production from Buckwild, Statik Selektah, ID Labs, among others. He has been touring non-stop to promote the new project.
The music released by Beedie helped him secure placement in various local publications, including JENESIS Magazine’s coveted music cover in 2011. The magazine also tapped Beedie a year later as one of five Pittsburgh rappers to succeed on a national level. His music has also been covered by notable media such as Complex, XXL, Hip Hop DX, 2DopeBoyz, Smoking Section, DJ Booth, etc.
His latest projects include music videos from the "Above The Weather" EP, including the zombie apocalyptic video "Miss Me"  and the trippy animated space journey "The Cloud Life" feat. Gene Stovall.    Beedie has upcoming features with Sean Price & T. Mills, and has been in the studio working with legendary producer Buckwild from DITC crew.
"Miss Me" by Beedie 
"The Cloud Life" feat Gene Stovall (ID Labs)
Click HERE for a free download of "Above The Weather" 
Follow Beedie: Twitter: @Beedie412  FB: BeedieMusic
Take a trip to BeedieLand at Beedieland.com
Watch more Beedie videos HERE - Youtube BeedieLand


Foto Friday | Pittsburgh Evening Skyline by Robert Hester

Pittsburgh Evening Skyline by Robert Hester

This Foto Friday features my dear friend Robert Hester III.  Robert and I met at a Style Segment party in the Strip District last year and shared tons of ideas, thoughts, and goals.  I loved his creativity  his thoughtfulness and his whole demeanor.  I asked him if he would be interested in taking the photos for my editorials, and he was more than willing to do so.  Now we are a team and Robert continues to inspire me and keep me on my toes about what's going on in the city.

Robert works as a freelance photographer, photojournalist and blogger in Braddock, PA.  His credentials include Carnegie Mellon University, Steel City Magazine, and TONS of local fashion shows and photo shoots.  Click HERE to find out more information on Robert and to view some more of his work.

Foto Friday is a way to highlight local photographers - If you are interested in featuring YOUR photography on Foto Friday, please submit your photo as well as a small paragraph about yourself along with contact info to:  thepghlook@gmail.com

It must be your own work and has to be conducive to either style, music, art, or culture in Pittsburgh - be creative!  


Throwback Thursday: 80's Winter Chic

"Clash of Styles and Seasons Downtown Pittsburgh" Feb 2, 1985 - Pittsburgh Post Gazette (The Digs
Back from the holiday vortex known as Christmas and what a snow storm we've had!  Still, that's no excuse not to flaunt your winter's finest apparel.  I love this picture - look at those fabulous fur coats and hats, perfect for a cold snowy day much like we've been having.  Hope you all had a good holiday :)


Throwback Thursday: Christmas Glamour

One of my favorite things to do during the holidays is watch old Christmas movies.  Mainly because they're just so romantic and pretty, and the wardrobe is usually fantastic! Nowadays you never see women in gorgeous gowns, elaborate costumes, or men in tuxedos - we're too busy having ugly sweater parties.  Maybe next Christmas I'll throw a Glamorous Christmas Party?  Take a look at these amazing Christmas outfits and have yourself a Merry Little Christmas.....

White Christmas 1954 (diaryofacelluloidgirl)


Top 5: Best Places for Asian Food

Happy Tuesday!! I don't know what it is about Christmas that makes me crave Asian food- maybe it's watching the ending scene of A Christmas Story that does it? Either way, I have found some truly amazing Asian restaurants in Pittsburgh ranging from Chinese to Thai, Japanese to Malaysian.  Whether you're the type who doesn't like to venture too far away from egg rolls and fried rice, or if you're the type who is looking for something new and adventurous,  Pittsburgh holds some true gems when it comes to Asian food.  Try one of these places for your next lunch outing or dinner date and you won't be disappointed. Here are my Top 5!


Top 10 Local Places to Shop in Pittsburgh for the Holidays


The holidays are here! Have you started your holiday shopping? For some of us, the idea of shopping at  large corporate stores with their "big blowout deals" and cookie-cutter products is such a bore.  Why not get your loved ones something unique while supporting local businesses?  There are tons of places to shop in Pittsburgh without having to step foot in a mall or department store. There's a little something for everyone around the city, you just have to look!  Here are 15 ideas on where to shop for the holidays in Pittsburgh!  Happy Holidays!


CULTURE: 10 Things To Do During the Holidays in Pittsburgh

The holidays are in full effect, so don't let the cold weather get you down!  There are tons of festive, fun and affordable things to do for the holidays in Pittsburgh.  Bundle up, grad your buddies, your significant other or the kids, and explore the city during the holidays.  Here are ten awesome ways to enjoy the holidays in Pittsburgh!  Hope yours is wonderful!!

PPG Plaza ( Post Gazette)


STYLE: The "Wow" Factor: An Interview with Jewelry Designer Ceasar Azzam of Ceasar's Designs

The biggest ring I've EVER worn from the Gelato Collection

"It's all about the 'wow' here," says jewelry designer and owner Ceasar Azzam of Ceasar's Designs.  His store on Walnut Street in Shadyside is a welcoming, boutique-like emporium of sparkling treasures.  There, you are greeted by Ceasar himself who offers his sound and honest opinion for a very personalized and unique experience.  As much as you would think a place like this is a hot-spot for newly engaged couples, Ceasar says he likes to focus more on those who treat themselves.  "Most jewelry stores depend on engagement rings as their most important category of business where as I depend on self purchases -women buying for themselves.  And that's reflected in everything I make, so I'm not going after the man buying her jewelry, it's more about treating yourself.  Whether they have a significant other or not - that's not the point.  I focus on the right hand if it's a ring - so I'd say the right hand is yours, do whatever you want with it!" 

Ceasar is also known for his signature butter ring- which is a very special design made for comfort and wearability.  The butter ring is used as a base for many of the rings, giving them a signature "Ceasar style." Recently Ceasar won honorable mention in the evening wear category in the 2013 AGTA Spectrum Awards for a breathtaking variation of the butter ring.  Here he tells us a little more about what he does and more details on his beautiful creations!  


STYLE: October Fashion Editorial - Black Metal Chic

 I absolutely LOVE this time of year! The trees are gorgeous with their fiery leaves, the air is a little more crisp, and there's a mischievous sense of anticipation with Halloween slowly creeping upon us. The entire month of October provides plenty of opportunity for us to transform and becoming someone (or something) else, all in the name of being festive. There is something fearless and daring about the way people dress for Halloween; some like to be super sexy, others like to be humorous, and some like to be terrifying.  Why can't we take the same risks that we do during the Halloween season, all year around but on a much less extreme basis?  Local designer, print maker and crafty queen Adrienne Rozzi's line, Poison Apple Printshop, is a prime example of that type of risk.  Highly influenced by the Norwegian death metal scene, she takes simple pieces and transforms them into wickedly amazing metal-chic outfits.  Her patchwork and screen printing provoke taboo and strange ideas that haunt you far after you've witnessed her clothing. We took the risk of painting the models faces death-metal style and shot in broad daylight into dusk at the beautiful Allegheny Cemetery. A lesson to be learned from Ms. Rozzi: be bold and daring, and never be afraid to take a risk every now and then.                     Happy Halloween!


STYLE: ULTRAVIOLET Fashion Show Features Top PGH Designers

In the height of Pittsburgh's 3rd Annual Fashion Week, came Keith Bloom and Donovan Wilburn's ULTRAVIOLET fashion show.  Both experts in fashion and equally creative, the duo set to to produce the most professional, high-end fashion show the city has ever seen - and boy did they live up to it! Set at the new Cavo Lounge in the Strip District, Ultraviolet featured some of Pittsburgh's newest, hottest upcoming clothing lines such as Highway Robbery, Clothes Minded, Chloe Chic Dresses, Boutique la Passarelle, Roberta Weissburg Leathers, Timebomb, Streetheart, and of course the much anticipated line by Keith Bloom - In Bloom.
     Each one of the collections was far from what you would expect from the ordinary Pittsburgh fashion show - there were no fanatical,  re-made jerseys, no black and gold t-shirt dresses or bejeweled team hats, this was a sophisticated and very polished show.  Ultraviolet opened up with darling dresses by Chloe Chic making a slight wink towards retro shapes, Peter Pan collars and feminine allure.  Clothes Minded was refreshing in a sense that it showed a large amount of men's fashion - beautiful boys in oversized t-shirts with intricate shredding and day-glo splattering paired with good ol' blue jeans and cowboy boots - very urban cowboy!  The always classy Boutique la Passarelle oozed modern femininity with hi-lo cut sweaters, a beautiful tweed dress suit, lots of silky textures and plenty of ruffles and floral prints.  Finally, In Bloom by Keith Bloom was an amazing collection that dripped with sexuality and class at the same time - long, sleek lines fit perfectly for the body, sophisticated, clean prints and patters, and an Egyptian-style dress that I just can't stop thinking about!  Bloom and Wilburn both were in great spirits before, during, and after the show, there are the definition the type of team that makes for a great fashion house.  I'm excited to see what they have in store for the future!


Back to School for Grown Ups - 6 Ways to Have A Fresh Fall Start

Fall has a magical way of allowing us a fresh start, to re-boost our energy, and shake off the summer laziness.  This probably comes from the feeling we got as kids during the back-to-school time of the year when the anticipation of new teachers, new friends and a new "year," provided a novel and comforting feeling.  Although the days of recess, sitting at squeaky desks and note taking are over, we adults can still celebrate our own "new year" with little back-to-school styled upgrades and changes to sharpen our minds and bodies for the months to come.  Here are six A-plus ways to restore that old back-to-school feeling!  Class is in session!


STYLE: Girl Power: JAZMEEN brings "The Lady" back for Fall 2012

     Just when I thought summer's boho-futuristic looks - with its flowing sheer skirts and mermaid colored ombre-hair - was going to tragically bleed into the fall/winter season, along came JAZMEEN.  The launch of fashion designer, Jazmin Jackson's line JAZMEEN, promises cleaner silhouettes and a more refined look for the colder seasons.  JAZMEEN's Fall 2012 collection steer's clear of the past season's loose grungy looks and reestablishes a very novel idea - dressing like a lady.

    The Fall 2012 collection is all about old school nostalgia, bold colors and embracing the female figure.  Crayon colored flared pants took the runway with skin tight turtle necks and groovy silk blouses for a sexy retro-working girl vibe. Flirty high-waisted pencil dresses and a charming classic a-lined dress - a la Audrey Hepburn in Funny Facemade a sassy debut for the fall.  The collection is timeless, fun, elegant and sensible for the professional girl.


10 Ways to Experience August in Pittsburgh

I always find it hard to say good-bye to summer - I tend to get "summer sick" in the dead cold months of winter when it's not as fun to be out and about.  Therefore, I am all about making this last month of the official summer season one to remember by enjoying and experiencing all the wonderful events and talent we have in Pittsburgh. I hope this post brings a couple good memories, some fun times, and maybe even introduces you to something new - either way don't forget to slow down for a second and really savor the summer; be it at an outdoor event, sipping drinks with your friends on the porch, listening to great local music, or just enjoying a lazy day by the pool in the last bit of "pool weather" of the year -you know you're going to miss it!


STYLE: Sip N' Style - Front Row Monthly Celebrates 1 Year of Style

Pittsburgh's fashion scene has come a long way in the past couple of years, and it wouldn't have come so far without some of the city's style-focused publications.  This past Saturday, the Pittsburgh family of fashion celebrated the one year anniversary of Front Row Monthly magazine! The party was set at the new Bakery Square and began with the Sip N'Style cocktail hour and a trunk show featuring some of the most current and stylish brands such as: StreetHeart, FarESH Brands, Trendy Trousseau, PhiriVon, Crazy Hot Clothes, Young Guns, Fluhme cosmetics, M.A.W, and Bella Vetro.  The party buzzed with excitement as the sounds of Long Time Darlings and Neighbours played in the background! The indoor venue at Bakery Square was transformed into a classy, dimly lit spot where the runway was set up, cocktails were served, and the people mingled!  


MUSIC: Delicious Pastries Talk About Their Luscious, Zany Sound and Upcoming Show at Thunderbird Cafe

Hungry for some tunes guaranteed to get you dancin' and feelin groovy? Help yourself to a large serving of the zany, retro-pop sounds of Delicious Pastries! Their sound is refreshing and somewhat nostalgic with a twist of rock. Guitarist Burr Settles described it as " If the Beatles and The Beach Boys grew up listening to Weezer and the Pixies." I was able to listen in on one of their practices and get an exclusive performance of one of their newest songs!  These guys ooze enthusiasm and fun, yet are some of the hardest working musicians I've ever met. After their practice, we talked about their band history, the evolution of their music, and the meaning behind their funny name. Be sure to check out  Delicious Pastries this Friday at 10pm, July 20th at the Thunderbird Cafe along with Satin Gum and Kid Brother. 


STYLE: Summer 2012 Gallery Crawl: Street Style

Usually at Gallery Crawls, I am so consumed with being able to get to every single gallery and see all the attractions, that I completely overlook how people dress for this occasion! I wanted to do a big piece on the other artistic aspect of Pittsburgh - its people! This year, it was all about colors, prints, and simple details.


EVENTS: 10 Ways to Enjoy July in Pittsburgh

It's Summer time and everyone is out and about enjoying the weather and each other's company.  But after a while, does going out to the same clubs/bars, drinking the same drinks, and doing the same weekend routines ever get....well....boring?  Luckily, there are TONS of things to do for the rest of month to shake up your weekend and weekday fun-time.  Make sure to check out the giveaway contest at the end of this blog entry!!

1 - Buy, Sell, Trade


EVENTS: Oliver Peoples 25th Year Anniversary at Eyetique

Oliver Peoples 25th Anniversary Event at Eyetique Shadyside 

 Norman Childs, owner and founder of Eyetique, knows how to throw a party! On Thursday, models, bloggers, and loyal Eyetique customers packed the Walnut St. Eyetique to celebrate the 25th year anniversary of their partnership with Oliver Peoples.  The event was a red-carpet styled soiree that included a beautiful trunk show of Oliver Peoples' latest collection available for the guests to try on.  Models arrived in Porsche cars sporting Oliver Peoples frames while Pittsburgh (paparazzi) photographers swarmed around to get a glimpse of them.  The guests sipped on Prosecco and Bloody Mary Shrimp Cocktail shots while DJ Bonics thumped in the background. It was a fun and stylish event in honor of a wonderful and well respected brand.  Eyetique is certainly a pillar of style in the Steel City!

Eyetique Shadyside 
The models arrive in a Porsche 
A model in Oliver Peoples frames 
Model in "Racy" frames by Oliver Peoples 
Norman Childs - Owner and Founder of Eyetique
DJ Bonics

The crowd 
Hor d'oeuvres by Elegant Catering 
Model in "Albert J" frames by Oliver Peoples 
Jeremy Childs sporting his father's (Norman Childs) frames 
Model in the "Kesslyn" frames by Oliver Peoples 


STYLE: June 2012 Editorial: Summer Hemlines Head in Opposite Directions with Hi-Lo Lengths

      Busy, busy, busy!  That's all I can say about the past couple of months- and to think I wanted this to be a monthly editorial! My schedule - as I'm sure yours is too - is filled with work, Summer activities, errands, outings, and events to the point that I've been slacking in the blog/editorial department.  But we must take the good with the bad.  Hence our theme for this editorial: life's high points and its lows - all the while our fashion focus parallels on the trending "hi-lo" cut that we've been seeing so much of in Summer shirts, skirts and shorts.
     Our featured boutique is one that I've been wanting to work with for a while - Pavement, based in Lawrenceville.  Their selection of hi-lo styled attire and funky, carefree prints in bold unexpected colors, matched our theme perfectly!  We chose the busy streets of the Strip District to shoot.  There, we met a man named Ed who told us his amazing story of the highs and lows of his life.  We were blown away at Ed's story and his positive attitude, so we made Ed a part of our shoot.

                                           ***THIS EDITORIAL IS DEDICATED TO ED***

Ed's Advice: Black Lace Wrap-Ya-$44, Blue High Waisted Shorts-PaulnKC-$42 

The Everyday Crop:  Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Crop Top-PaulnKC- $29, Black High Waisted Shorts-nameless-$46

Sheer Patience: Black Floral Print Linen Shorts-Sans Souci-$34

Blown Off: Sheer Button Down Hi-Lo Ferus Shirtdress-PopMomo-$152
Mixed Pieces: Tau Cropped Tee-Feather-$64, Striped Jersey Hi-Lo Skirt PaulnKC-$44

Street Smarts: Quasar Blazer-Kelly Lane-$198, Lapis Legging-Feral Childe City of New York -$42

Standing Strong: Grey and Blue Striped Dress-Splendid-$98
The Green Light: Green Blazer-Swoon-$98
Second Time Charm: Floral Linen Shorts -$34

DisBanded: Web Banded Top-PaulnKC- $42
Shattered: Grey Mesh Hi-Lo Top-Bobbi Los Angeles-$49
Grey Area: Aztec Cropped Pants-Ella Moss-$138

                                                                            THE TEAM

June 2012 Editorial Team:  Josh Rudy, Michelle Lefevre, and Robert Hester  III
Robert Hester III -Photographer
Robert Hester has been a photographer since 2001.  After his education at CCAC, Robert went to work with CMU Computing Workshop and has also taught a digital photography course in 2003.  Robert is now an independent photographer who loves to shook urban settings, social outings, and of course - fashion! Recently Robert worked on Maniac's Pure White Party, Glitzburgh 2012, and many other Pittsburgh events. I love working with Robert!!!!

Josh Rudy - Makeup Artist
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY FAVORITE MAKEUP ARTIST (and one of my best friends)!!! Josh is a man of many talents, aside from being an amazing makeup artist, he is also a tattoo artist, model scout and clothing stylist. Some of Josh's latest jobs have also been the Maniac Pure White Party and working on Miss Teen Pennsylvania!  

Michelle Lefevre
This is Michelle's first official fashion photoshoot!  And I think she did an amazing job!!  Michelle is one of the most hardworking and fun-loving people I know!  She has an amazing charisma, a creative mind, and is drop-dead gorgeous!!  I look forward to working with Michelle in the near future!

                                                                              The Boutique


Since 2006, Pavement has been styling local Pittsburgh girls with their hip, creative, eco-friendly lines and interesting designers.  A very special thank you to  Pavement for allowing us to feature them on our editorial!  Be sure to visit Pavement...they have a little bit of everything!!



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