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Spring is here!  Now, if only the weather would agree.  Nevertheless, it's time for a fresh start. While sprucing up your house and updating your Spring wardrobe is definitely a start to a great season, cleaning up your diet can also prove to be very beneficial.  

The whole clean eating craze has gotten me interested in juicing.  I'm always so intrigued by the combinations of flavors and the gorgeous colors that come from 100% natural ingredients. Not to mention, fresh juices are packed with tons of vitamins and minerals each meant to trigger and focus on different health ailments and issues.  Juice places have been popping up all over Pittsburgh like little apothecaries waiting to mix up a potion just for you to help your body.   So where's a good place to get a fresh juice around here?  Here are 5 places in Pittsburgh to find one of these delicious concoctions. 

This place alone can help transform you into a bonafide health guru! Their menu includes organic smoothies, juices and shots, all serving a specific purpose, like their "Happy" smoothie or "Radiant" juice, and their shots not only include the standard wheat grass but you can get a shot of apple cider vinegar or wild harvested algae.  Located in Lawrenceville, Embody also provides health coaching, private yoga lessons, detox programs, cleanses, and fun informational happy hours. 

This family owned Lawrenceville business aims to keep their juice alive! And by that, they mean the freshest juices possible. Their theory is that the enzymatic and nutritional value of the juice is lost when it's been processed through high heat or pressure.  Their cold pressed juices are made fresh everyday.  They also provide juicing programs fit for anyone whether you are a beginner or a juicing expert. 

Another family owned business, Fresh Farm Juices presses and bottles their own juice.  The farms providing the fruit for the juices are all located in Western PA.  They distribute their juices to several locations in the city, but they are based in the South Side. They provide seven flavors that are perfect for specific times of the day.  And they also provide 2 day, 4 day and 6 day juice cleanses. 

Located in Highland Park, Juice Up 412, aims to get the people Pittsburgh thinking and eating healthier.  Owner, Majestic Lane, believes in educating people on the importance of juicing.  Their signature flavor Orange Sunrise (a delicious combination of orange, carrot and lemon) is so good you can even get the kids on board with it.  


This Shadyside vegan/vegetarian/organic restaurant has made strides as far as health food restaurants in Pittsburgh goes.  They've broken the whole stipulation that vegan/vegetarian food is a bunch of crunchy, dry food that tastes like grass. Not only does their food ROCK, but you can also stop in Eden and get yourself a fresh juice!  They keep it simple with flavors like Red, Pink or Green. Each very delicious and serving a very healthy purpose. 


PGH Spotlight: Lyft - An Awesome Cab Alternative

Would you like a mustache ride? No really, need a Lyft?

 I'm sure by now you've been seeing random cars around the city sporting these huge fuzzy pink mustaches on the front of the car. You're probably thinking "Oh come on!  I'm so over mustaches, they are SO 2013!" Ok.....well at least that's what I was thinking.

But as it turns out, these mustache wearing vehicles are part of an awesome new cab service here in Pittsburgh called Lyft. Lyft is a peer-to-peer ride sharing service that accepts donations only! Simply download their app, create an account using your Facebook, enter in some info, request a ride and viola!.....there's your ride home on Saturday night!

The drivers are fellow, friendly Pittsburghers who have been tested, approved and insured.  It's basically like having a good, reliable friend with a car who is always willing to cart you around.

This Lyft video will give you the warm and fuzzies:

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The Look | What to Wear on a Weekend in Sin City: Kendra Thornton's Night Out Challenge

It's almost Spring Time and you know what that means?  Spring Break!!  Do you have plans?  If so, how do you pack for a short getaway?  Travel expert Kendra Thornton has selected me to join in her "Kendra Thornton's Night Out Challenge!"  She is planning on an action packed - yet relaxing - weekend at the Palms Casino in Las Vegas.  So she's having me whip up some wardrobe ideas for her to wear on her trip to Sin City.

Here are Kendra's Las Vegas Plans: 

Once my friends and I get off the airplane, we will immediately head over to the fashionable Palm Casino & Resort. After checking into our rooms and changing our clothes, we will promptly rush down to the casino floor. We have been saving up some cash for some hungry slot machines, and I am dying to try out one particular machine. 

When we have satisfied our slotting needs, it is high time to have a delicious meal in the facility itself. There are numerous and delectable things to eat, and my mouth is already watering as I think about it. I really have not hit the dance floor since I was in college with my husband. However, the Moon Nightclub is the perfect place for my girlfriends and I go to go after we have our amazing dinner. I understand the lighting is fantastic. The Moon Nightclub is one of the trendiest places in the city to have fun and to dance the night away. 

The dance floor can seem hot, since there are so many people moving to the beat. When it is time for a break, there are plenty of booths that are featured around the dance floor. This is a perfect place to relax with my friends.

She even gave me some traveling advice: 

"Las Vegas has numerous activities for women, men and children to do. It has a unique style that provides people with memories that can last for a lifetime. Whether an individual is going to see a show, visit a casino, have a delicious dinner or paint the town, wonderful experiences are right around the corner. To maximize your trip I like to plan my itinerary ahead of time with sites like Gogobot to determine which hotels and spots are the best for me. Big cities like Las Vegas can be overwhelming with all there is to do! To make the experience even better is having the right outfit. I am certainly looking forward to my time in Las Vegas."

My Outfits for Kendra's Weekend in Sin City: 

Daytime Sight Seeing
Easy, breezy and trendy!  This look is comfortable enough to walk the whole length of the Las Vegas Strip and still look super cute! 

Slot Machines and Dinner
This look was inspired by the vibrant colors of the slot machines and casino floors.  Comfortable enough to lounge around the casino but dressy enough for a nice dinner at Nove Italiano in the Palms.  

Clubbing at Moon Nightclub
As one of the trendiest clubs in Vegas, Moon Nightclub calls for a sleek and fashionable look.  I chose a sleek and modern look paired up with whimsical accessories that give a nod to the theme of the nightclub.  Simple yet sexy! 

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