Layering 101: 8 Tricks to Bundling Up and Looking Cute

Brrrr!!!!! It is fuh-reezing! In weather like this, the last thing you're probably thinking about is looking cute.  Hate to break it you, but this is Pittsburgh, the temperature may rise a little, but Winter is here to stay for at least another 2 months.  So the whole "It's too cold to care" attitude may get a little old after a while.  But there is a science to looking fabulous and having a completely sensible, warm and weather proof outfit that I think Pittsburgh has adopted over the years.  Without further ado, here are 8 tricks to dressing fabulously for a Pittsburgh Winter.

1 - Wear tights under your pants

Tights by Monki (ASOS
The thicker the better.  It doesn't matter if its in a crazy print or color (it adds a little fun if anything), no one will see them and your legs will thank you. 

2 - Knee High Socks

Now you have your tights (layer 1), your pants (layer 2), your regular socks (layer 3) and now a pair of cute knee highs (layer 4).  Allow them to peep over your boots for a sexy, multi-layered look. 

3 - Wear colorful scarves


Sometimes a little color is what you need to brighten up the dark grey, navy, and blacks of the typical winter wardrobe.  Find a big and soft scarf to wrap around your neck in colors that flatter your eyes, skin and hair. Extra trick:  I usually cover my chest with a layer of the scarf and then wrap the rest around my neck to keep my chest warm.

4 - Get these

YakTrax are ice traction devices that you can take on and off of your boots and shoes.  Just slip them on before you leave and then take them off as soon as you get inside.  These will prevent you from slipping on snow and ice. 

5 - Wear your hat under your hoods

Whipping winds and cell phone calls are a hoods worst enemy.  Put your favorite beanie on under your hood so that when you must remove your hood your head is still warm - essential for fending off a cold. 

6 - Camis under all your tops


Camis act as barrier between you and the itchy wool of your sweater and adds just another layer to help keep you warm. Keep an arsenal of neutral colored ones to wear under anything. 

7 - Wear lined gloves  

It pays to spend just a little more money on thicker, warmer gloves that are lined with warmer materials like cashmere, fleece or fur.  There's nothing worse than frozen hands. 

8 - Know how to use your coat


Your coat doesn't have all those buttons, drawstrings and pockets for nothing.  Everything serves a purpose.  Most winter coats have a drawstring in the hood to pull it tighter so it won't slip off and there's usually one at the bottom of the coat too for a tighter, warmer fit.  There might be buttons on the collar for extra bundling.  Explore your coat and all the little gadgets it has on it, betcha you'll feel warmer the next time you wear it.

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