THE LOOK | How to Achieve the Perfect Blowout: From the Ladies at Swank Hair Studio

You would think that a tousled, messy, bed head looking do is a simple thing to achieve because it looks and moves so effortlessly. But seldom do I put my blow dryer down, look at my hair and think "Wow" and absolutely love it.  In fact I usually finish drying my hair and think "Ugh, what a mess."  My hair is naturally thick and wavy - before you start to envy, know that it takes me almost 30 minutes to dry it and an additional 15 -20 to flat iron it!  This past Sunday, I was invited to a blogging event held at Swank Hair Studio on Butler St. for their Stylish Sunday, where I was given the best blowout ever and scored some tips on how to achieve that sexy, voluminous, effortless look.

Swank is a cool, boutique style hair studio in Lawrenceville.  From the moment I walked in I felt right at home; they had cool music playing (love me some 90's R&B), great snacks to munch on and a very friendly staff who treated me more like a girlfriend coming over rather than a "client." I wasn't afraid of what was about to happen to my head but more excited and intrigued.

Melissa (Master Stylist), let me in on her secrets to getting the ultimate blowout.  She first prepped my hair with Velvet Amplifier from Wella for smoothness.


Then spitzed it with some Volupt Spray by Sebastian for volume.

And then added a healthy dollop of Mousse Forte by Sebastian for hold.

After making my part - which lately I've been wearing a little more on the left side - Melissa took her 400 round brush and told me that the trick is to grab about 1 inch segments at a time and pull the hair up and blow dry from room to tip, drying the hair around the barrel of the brush. Once the segment is dry, she twisted the hair at the end so (so it almost looked like a dread lock) and then left it alone to cool.  This gave the hair that pretty S curl that creates bounce and movement.  She did this to my entire head.

And Voila!

My hair was smooth, bouncy and touchable all day!

I highly recommend going to see these ladies for a relaxing, great experience!  And for you bloggers out there, check them out on a #stylishsunday for their #bloggerblowouts!


  1. I've been using the pro naturals argan oil treatment for a few months and my hair has never been as smooth and shiny =)

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