Red Carpet Ready Contest!! Enter to Win a FREE Makeover and 2 Tickets to Pittsburgh's BIGGEST Oscar's Party

Are you ready for some star treatment?  Oscar's night is rapidly approaching (March 2nd) and it's time to get fabulous!

This year Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield present their 14th annual Lights! Glamour! Action! Oscar's party as they celebrate another year of the film industry in our region and support the efforts of the Pittsburgh Film Office (PFO).

Walk the red carpet, enjoy delicious food, win awesome prizes at the silent auction and of course watch a LIVE telecast of the 2014 Oscars on the big screen.  Last year, 900 people gathered to watch the Oscars at the #LGA Party.  Eight local salons styled models to mimic legendary silver screen personalities.  And over 190 prizes were auctioned off.  

Sounds like a fantastic evening?  It gets even better.......

Now you can enter to win 2 tickets to the Lights! Glamour! Action! party AND a free glamorous makeover from The Waterfront.  The winner will receive a $400 makeover (styled by yours truly) to get Red Carpet Ready for Oscar's night.  

All you have to do is like The Pittsburgh Film Office page AND The Pittsburgh Look page, and answer AT LEAST one of the contest questions you will be seeing coming up this week on the The PGH Look Facebook page and make sure to hashtag #LGA2014 and #RedCarpetPGH.  The winner will be selected THIS Sunday and then.....we're going SHOPPING!!!!

For more info on the event check out the #LGA Event page 

For ticketing info please visit Showclix 

Follow the Pittsburgh Film Office @PghFilmOffice

See what's happening at The Waterfront


Current Obsessions

Happy Friday Everyone!  How was your week?  Mine was busy!  Went to see one of my favorite bands (Gin Blossoms) on Tuesday and it was EPIC, then I had a networking event at Perle in Market Square, and now I get to focus on the GA/GI fashion show for the rest of the week and into the weekend (more of that to come).  Here's a couple little things to spark your interest.  Have a safe and Happy Weekend!! XoXo

New York Fashion Week Spring 2014

It is a life goal of mine to one day go to NYC Fashion Week. It is currently happening as we speak and every time I think of it a little part of me dies for not being there.  Just being immersed in that culture; the designers, the shows, the photographers, the parties - one day.  :)

A Rockabilly Community

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a different decade?  I came across this the other day and found it fascinating. This community lives, breathes, and IS the 50's.  From the way they dress to their home decor, everything about this place is like a scene right out Leave It To Beaver.  Check out the gallery of photos from this community here.

Wake Up Makeup


This weather has made my skin look literally gray (ok and maybe my lack of sleep and water isn't helping either).  I wanted to find a tutorial on how to wake up your look without using too much makeup and staying fairly natural looking.  Lisa Eldridge is slowly becoming one of favorite makeup artists to watch on YouTube; everything she does looks so fresh and not overdone.  Her tutorials are easy to follow and she explains things very well (plus her accent is just adorable).  Here, she teaches us how to wake up our faces for a fresh and natural look. Check out this tutorial on how to look fresh faced and alive.

This Video

I confess, I bawled when I watched this.  This video is just beautiful, the little girl experiences rain for the first time and her reaction is the epitome of pure joy.  Very heart warming, grab the tissues.


Another life goal of mine is to one day go to France.  I've heard from many sources the French don't go out of their way to cater to non French speaking people, especially American tourists.  Therefore, I've been trying to find easy ways to learn French that don't take away from my schedule.  Duolingo (which was created in Pittsburgh!!) is a FREE, very easy, very flexible, interactive way of learning any language.  It has a hands on approach to it and grades you just like back in high school.  It's amazing how quickly and easily I've been picking it up.  Pretty soon I'll be une femme qui parle fran├žais in no time! Download Duolingo for free here. 


5 Things | Top Sweet Spots in Pittsburgh (Valentine's Day approved)

Valentine's Day is Winter's Halloween - you can totally get away with eating obnoxious amounts of sweets all in the name of being festive.  Sweets (much like love, so they say) is blind, it cares not if you're single or in a relationship, it just wants to be craved and consumed by you. No matter who your Valentine is this year - even if it's just lil ol' you (best Valentine ever) - treat them to something sweet and fun!  Here are 5 sweet spots in Pittsburgh to try out.  XoXo

Mon Aimee Chocolate

Get warm and snuggly with a cup of traditional hot chocolate from Mon Aimee Chocolat.  Located in the Strip District, Mon Aimee sells chocolates and other confections from around the world.  Perfect for the true candy connoissuer.

Edward Marc Chocolatier


For over 100 years, Edward Marc Chocolatier has been making mouth watering candy and desserts.  Their location in the South Side not only creates amazing truffles, caramel, and chocolates galore, but also acts as a classic milk shake bar. Mmmmmm!

Sinful Sweets

A bit newer to the candy scene in Pittsburgh, Sinful Sweets puts a modern twist on classic goodies.  Their Downtown location features unique sweets not found anywhere else, think: caramel bacon turtles, dark chocolate and sea salt apples, or dark chocolate wasabi bark.  This is for the fearless candy lover who is willing to try anything once.

Spun Sugars

spun sugars facebook
What says young love nostalgia more than a sweet, sticky, pastel cloud of yummy cotton candy?  Spun Sugars takes theirs to the next level by making their 100 calories confection with no preservatives, gluten free and vegan!  Like a day at the state fair but without the guilt (and no spinny, pukey rides).

Pittsburgh Popcorn Co. 

Planning a quiet movie night with your sweetie?  Amp up the snack element with gourmet popcorn from The Pittsburgh Popcorn Company.  With five locations (Downtown, Strip District, Oakland, South Hills, and Ross Park), the variety of flavors never ends with their weekly changing menu of new and exotic flavors.  Next week, the Downtown location will feature hot chili chocolate, cinnamon toast, SW cheddar, and Sour cream n' onion.  Surprise your Valentine with a tub full of yummy local popcorn.
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