NYE Guide: Parties in Pittsburgh (and How Dressed Up You Should Get for Them)

Can you believe how fast this year went?  I feel like I can remember last New Year's Eve like it was yesterday! This year, I want to celebrate and have a good time with tons of people, great music and a fabulous outfit. Finding the right party can be tough, you could end up spending a cover charge and getting all dressed up, only to get into the party and realize that "it's not your scene," or that you're completely over/under dressed.  No worries!  This NYE guide will help you find the perfect party for you and your friends along with details on just how dressed up or undressed up you should be on a scale of 1 -5   2014 is going to be a great year I just know it.

So without further ado, here are (X) awesome parties happening in Pittsburgh, each as individual as you are. Happy New Year!!!!

Dressed Up Levels: 
1 - Comfy and Cozy - Dress for warmth and comfort - no need for frills here
2 - Casual Cool - No need to go all out, jeans, sweater and sensible shoes is all you need.
3 - Fun/Festive - Feel free to dress cute, but it's not required
4 - Cocktail Attire - Dressing up is a good idea (everyone will be doing it)
5 - Formal - Dressing up is a must (possibly a requirement for entry)

Point Breeze: Free Ride New Year's Soiree

Dressed Up Level: 2  

Ah the Free Ride party, you may remember my post about this from 2 years ago.  Good times!!  Maybe one too many PBR's and shots for yours truly, but still a great party and great food! The cool thing about this party is that it's in a bike warehouse and the proceeds go to a neat cause (this year it's education Serbian gypsy kindergartners).   This is a party for those who just want to listen to some great international style music, dance, eat, drink, and not have to pay an arm and a leg for it (hello open bar!).

Southside: Midnight Guru New Years Eve 2014 Party

Dressed Up Level: 3

The Southside is Pittsburgh's hotspot when it comes to holidays like New Year's Eve.  There's so much going on, so many places to be and being there usually creates some pretty good memories no matter what you decide to do.  This may be the best door price on Carson St and Jimmy D's is right in the middle of all the action. Sounds like a super fun time! 

Shadyside: New Years Fiesta at Steel Cactus

Dressed Up Level: 3

No cover, party favors, champagne, great food, awesome music, shall I say more?  This sounds like a great party to go to if you're in the Shadyside area.  You can literally shop for your outfit right there on Walnut then head up to the party and party hop for the rest of the evening. Ole! 

Lawrenceville: Masquerade NYE 2014 Presented by Cantina and Urbanist

Dressed Up Level: 4 

I love a good masquerade and I love that this party has nothing to do with Halloween.  I think we will be seeing more masquerades in the years to come - it's becoming a thing.  Pittsburgh is lucky to have won the heart of the Urbanist over, which is a new online city guide that covers everything from fashion to food.  So far San Diego, Boston and DC are the only other cities that the Urbanist has taken under its wing. For New Year's Eve, Cantina and Urbanist are hosting a masquerade that could easily become the party to be talked about years and years afterwards. 

Strip District: Gatsby New Years Eve at Cavo 

Dressed Up Level: 5

2013 was the year of the Gatsby! Why not send off 2013 the way Gatsby himself would have done it - with a huge party full of beautiful people in a stunning setting. Feel free to bust out the headbands, fringy dresses and suspenders ol' sport, this sounds like an amazing time! More info HERE

Strip District: The Best Man Holiday New Years Eve Celebration at Savoy

Dressed Up Level: 5 

Celebrate celebrity style with a five course meal, fine drinks, and a fine host.  Morris Chestnut hosts Savoy's New Years Celebration that is guaranteed to be the classiest party of the year! P.S. I got dibs on Mr. Chesnut at midnight - back off!  :) 

Station Square: 2014 New Years Eve at WHIM 

Dressed Up Level: 4 

New Year's at a nightclub is ideal.  Everyone is having a great time, the music is booming and drinks are flowing!  WHIM in Station Square is hosting their New Years Party, click HERE to get tickets. 

Remember:  We're all adults so be responsible,  if you've had too many drinks and can't drive home call a cab.  (412)321-8100  (Yellow Cab), Click here to arrange rides prior to going out. 

Happy New Year Pittsburgh!

Picture source: Media Cache


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    1. Great information provided. I appreciate your work. but this year ill go at Boston NYE party

  2. Anonymous12/31/2013

    The Players Ball Downtown, Formal. But expect to hear K Theory and a bunc of local EDM DJs


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