Monday Spotlight | Rapper Jordan York On "Chetism" and his Up and Coming Career

Jordan York, formerly known as "Young Roach" has certainly grown as an artist and as person this year.  With the release of his single Whirpools, a successful performance in NYC, and a religion he created based on good vibes and positive energy, I guess one could say that this was a revolutionary year for the young hip-hop artist. Let's take a look at what he has to say...... 

1: What have you been up to lately? Any new releases? Shows? Projects?

JY: Recently I have really been finding myself as an artist. My New Single WhirlPools was released on iTunes this fall. It was produced by Stefan Schecter, who has produced songs for Mac Miller and More. It was also named the Top 50 Indie Song. As far as shows this year, I performed in New York twice and recently spoke and performed at Valley Middle School. As far as new music, I'm just getting ready for 2014. An EP is definitely in progress.

2: Explain what Chetism is.

JY: Chetism is my religion that I created...For people who are asking yes I still believe in Jesus and God this is more of a Lifestyle of Care Free Living and being able to be happy and live in the moment. Are you bout that Chet Life?

3: Why do you think it's important to take on this mindset? What kind of effect has it had on you?

JY: It's who I am I was never one to care about what anyone thought about me obviously just starting your own religion is kind of a big deal and can upset a lot of people but honest it's just me being me. Love it or Hate it.

4: What inspires you the most when you write your music? What helps generate your lyrics?

JY: It all depends on my mood and what I'm feeling, if it's a serious song with a meaning behind it...it takes me longer... rather than a freestyle or just another song I'd throw on a mixtape. I don't make music for anyone but myself but I hope that my fans and people who listen to me can relate to what I'm rapping about.

5: If you were to collaborate with anyone in the industry who would it be and why?

JY: Hmm I would say Kanye West just because I believe he is a true artist...His music and the way he expresses himself is awesome to me...I kind of have the same mentality...Not caring and just putting it all out there.

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