Throwback Thursday: Christmas Glamour

One of my favorite things to do during the holidays is watch old Christmas movies.  Mainly because they're just so romantic and pretty, and the wardrobe is usually fantastic! Nowadays you never see women in gorgeous gowns, elaborate costumes, or men in tuxedos - we're too busy having ugly sweater parties.  Maybe next Christmas I'll throw a Glamorous Christmas Party?  Take a look at these amazing Christmas outfits and have yourself a Merry Little Christmas.....

White Christmas 1954 (diaryofacelluloidgirl)

Audrey Hepburn with Santa 1952 (fashionsmostwanted)
Ceil Chapman (fashionfadesstylestays)
Susan Hayward 1950 (fashionsmostwanted)
Jayne Mansfield (fashionsmostwanted)

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