STYLE | Summer Spectacles: Warby Parker Releases the Beacon Line

How's your Summer going so far? Has it been filled with cookouts, outdoor concerts and weekend getaways, or maybe it's been busy and productive, or perhaps it's been peaceful and lackadaisical- a good time for reflection?  I love how spontaneous Summer is, you really don't have to make any plans, the days seem to unravel into impromptu adventures and unforgettable moments.  Time seems to slow down, lazy afternoons turn into mischievous evenings that extend into gorgeous sun rises - Summer is magical no matter what kind of effort you put into it.

It is that very essence that set the theme of socially conscious eye wear designer Warby Parker's Summer 2014 Beacon Collection.  Hiding behind your shades after a rough night is now chic as the Beacon Collection lends itself to impromptu, can't-duplicate-them-all-nighters, when having no plans brings endless possibilities.  The collection mixes upbeat retro styles with classic clean lines and colors. Perfect for maintaining your "cool" on those transitional Summer nights that turn into early Summer mornings.

Take a look at their beautiful Beacon Collection Editorial.  Here are some of my favorites.....

"McKee" Moonstone Frames

"Garett" Oak Barrel Frames

"Nancy" Sunglasses in Tourmaline

"Ingram" TopDown Sunglasses in Tiger Tortoise

"Garret" Topdown Sunglasses in Blue Slate Fade

"Nancy" Sunglasses in Lemon

"McKee" Frames in Whiskey Tortoise
"Ingram" Sunglasses in Revolver Black

Check out Warby Parker's Site HERE 

Click HERE for Eyeglasses

Click HERE for Sunglasses

Photo Source: Warby Parker

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