5 Things | Father's Day

Father's Day is this Sunday!  If you're still thinking of what to get Dad, trying thinking outside the tie-rack! This year, give him the gift of experience with these 5 fun ideas for any kind of guy!

1: Relax at a cigar lounge

Located in Lawrenceville, Cigar Den offers a large variety of cigars as well as multiple rooms to lounge, converse and enjoy your cigar.  It has a classic, gentlemen's feel without the membership and snooty attitude.  Take your dad here to relax and puff on a fine cigar - there's even refreshments, a patio and a grill for your use if you feel so inclined! Click here for more!

2: Take him for an old school shave

They might not say it, but men love to be pampered just as much as women do!  So while you can go ahead and get Dad the same boring electric shaver and shaving cream combo, taking him to get a nostalgic lather and straight razor shave might just be what he needs.  Mister Grooming & Goods in Lawrenceville provides ta menu of very specific cuts and shaves geared toward men. Treat him to a "Sweeny Todd" and you just might win "Kid of the Year."

3: Get him some "Man Food"

It's Summer, it's Father's Day, ditch the green juice and quinoa for your ol' man just for a day and get some real, rib-stickin, mouth-watering man food.  Try Union Pig & Chicken in East Liberty for big portions of BBQ'd goodness, complete with homestyle sides and a great selection of beer.

4: Feed his Inner Pyro

Is he the kind of guy that HAS to build the fire at camp?  Get him an IncinerGrate by FIREase and he might never come inside.  This device helps hold up wood and maintain a fire by creating an "ember core" in the center.  Better bust out the hot dogs and marshmallows now, this thing will have you sitting around a fire all summer long! Learn more about IncinderGrate and other FIREase products here.

5: Have an Outdoor Adventure

Get in touch with the great outdoors (or city rivers), and take him kayaking!  It's a great workout, scenic, pretty calming and lots of fun!  Kayak Pittsburgh has some great (and affordable) options for group tours and solo trips, they also provide bike rentals in case you'd like to stay on the ground. Check out Kayak Pittsburgh here.

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