Monday Spotlight | Richard Claraval: Abstract Expressionist Opens "Mythological Gestures" Show

Jupiter and Io by Richard Claraval

Award winning charcoal on paper artist, Richard Claraval, has always been inspired by the Renaissancesque human figure when creating Abstract Expressionist gestures.   His drawings express the realistic free flowing movements of the human body fused with dynamic forms and figures; the real versus the unimaginable. In his upcoming show "Mythological Gestures," Claraval takes the godly forms of traditional mythological characters, as well as characters of J.R.R Tolkien, and pairs it with a unique abstract twist .  

"The highly imaginative “supernatural” and archetypal elements of myths, which are in sense abstractions, as well as the monsters and exotic chimeras, lend themselves to an abstract gestural mode of interpretation. As well, the ability of many of the characters to do impossible things such as fly and become invisible fit well my interest in depicting the figure in very dynamic and sometimes impossible poses."  - Richard Claraval


Mythological Gestures: Contemporary Figurative Charcoal Drawings on Old Subject

  June 1 - June 30  The Spinning Plate Gallery 
5821 Baum Blvd. 15206

Saturday    June 14   7pm-10pm

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