How To | Easy Summer Hair Tricks by Jacqueline's Salon

I don't know about you but Summer and my hair have a love-hate relationship, once the humidity hits it, it has a mind of its own.  So I consulted Jacqueline Capatolla from Jacqueline's Salon in the Grant Building Downtown.  She had tons of tricks up her sleeve for working with Summer hair and weather conditions. Not to mention, her tiny salon is adorable; right in the heart of Downtown and in one of the busiest buildings in the area!

Here she shows us two very easy, and very cute Summer styles that you can wear anywhere - humidity proof!

                                            MESSY SUMMER BEACH WAVES

Step 1: Wrap 1 inch sections of your hair around a 1 1/2 inch curling iron.  Jackie is using a clampless iron which create a more natural, less uniform curl.

Step 2:  Create volume by teasing the hair the the root at the crown of the head.  Paige had extensions in her hair, so Jackie used this teasing technique to hide the extensions as well as create volume. Jackie used a dry shampoo by Matrix to help create bedhead volume.

Step 3: Jackie twisted the hair into 4 large ballerina buns and clipped them.  She let them set for about 10 minutes (you can let them set for longer depending on the kind of curl you want).

Step 4:  After she took Paige's hair out the buns, Jackie added extra texture to the curls by pinching sections of the hair and working her fingers up to create a messy - just-woke-up hair.


Step 1: Separate the mid-part of your hair (like you're making a mohawk) and create two pony tails, one in front of the other.

Step 2: Braid the ponytails and set with hairspray.

Step 3: Twist the two braids on top of the head in a figure 8 shape and secure with bobby pins.  Add volume and texture to the twists by gently tugging on parts of braids.

Step 4: Twist the hair in the back into buns, keeping them aligned with the buns on top.

Step 5: Secure the buns with bobby pins and finish the look with hairspray.

Some more shots from the shoot.....

Visit Jacqueline's Salon:

Grant Lobby Building
Suite 107
310-330 Grant St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Phone: (412) 281-2209


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