Top 5 Tuesday | 5 Essential Boots for Fall (and Where to Get Them)

It's amazing how much effect the weather has over our everyday lives.  How much thought we put into our daily things just to be prepared for the weather.  We change our tires, insulate our windows, wear more layers; it seems that in colder weather it's always best to think ahead and be prepared for whatever kind of weather may come - at least in the East Coast!

I can remember when I first came to college, I wasn't aware of how much walking I would be doing and therefore never thought to invest in a good pair of boots for the rainy fall days and slushy winter nights.  It didn't take long to realize that my pair of beat up KEDS and ballet flats weren't going to do the trick for the cold days ahead.  Being from the West Coast, boots always felt a little strange to me.  Like I was going to do something very outdoorsy and manly in them.  It took me a while to figure out what looked right on me, because not all boots are made for everyone and everyone (at least living on East Coast) needs their boots for different purposes. 

 So here are 5 boots that make sense for any lifestyle and a few places around the area that you can find your perfect Fall boot...

The Wedge


The wedge boot is the answer to all city walker's prayers.  They're high enough to create a sultry strut and bump you up a few notches, but comfortable and stable enough to be worn all day without the agonizing pain of spike heels. They go with practically anything.  My favorite way to see the wedge boot is with a short skirt and tights.  

PGH Find: I recently found some awesome wedge boots at Target for under $40.  

 The Equestrian

Olivia Palermo in Riding Boots

Nothing says Fall more than the perfect riding boot.  There's something so classic and effortless about they way they look paired with tight fitting jeans and an over sized sweater or coat.  They're comfortable enough as an everyday shoe, yet stylish enough to wear out and about. My personal favorites are the ones that are over the knee and free of any buckles, obvious zippers or any other embellishments. 

PGH Find:  Ten Toes in Shadyside has a great collection of riding boots this year.  

The Rain Boot

Hunter Boots (GBO Fashion)
A good pair of rain boots is one of the best wardrobe investments ever.  They are durable, easy to clean, long lasting and insanely chic.  I would wear these like a pair of riding boots only with rain boots I think you can be more creative with the color and pattern.  It's the one boot that the more creative the color, the more stylish it becomes.  

PGH Find: Little's Shoes in Squirrel Hill carries Hunters. Click HERE for more info. 

The Combat

It's the "bad kid" of the Fall boot must-have list; the combat boot is edgy with a tomboy twist. The most recent styles are the floppy, undone, folded over ones or highly embellished punk ones that slouch or cut off at the ankle.  The combat boot is comfortable and sensible for cold, wet Fall weather and adds instant rock n' roll to any outfit.  

PGH Find: Ten Toes always has the best selection of combat boots every Fall! 


The Sexy

Most of these boots serve a specific purpose: comfort, warmth, dryness, and mobility, but you have to have that one pair of shoes in every season's arsenal whose main purpose is to turn heads. Sky high, sexy, look-at-me boots for those days where you just need to feel hot. There are different heights and widths and inches meant for all body types.  Some like a super tall boot that reaches over the knee, some like a slouchy mid-calf with a chunkier heel, or some go for a buckled, pirate-wench look that's a little more edgy.  Either way, find your perfect "sexy" boots for this season to make any outfit instantly hot.

PGH Find:  Take a look at Primadonna in Shadyside!  

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